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Mix-N-Match Wine 6


Item #: MIXWINE6

Mix-n-match 6 bottles from our great varieties of wine!

Blackberry Wine

750 ML 12% ALC/VOL


Made from 100% blackberry juice flown in fro the west coast. We use special yeast and fermentation to guarantee a full, rich blackberry flavor. This creates a unique sweet blackberry on the front with a tart finish. A wine that pleases everyone!

Raspberry Merlot Wine

750 ML 12% ALC/VOL


We blend the Merlot grape juice with the raspberry juice 50/50. This ensured the capture of both great flavors! The sweet raspberry blended with the typically dry Merlot makes this a perfect table wine for all.

Raspberry Merlot Oak Aged Wine

750 ML 12% ALC/VOL


Our Merlot is blended with the same raspberries we use in our award-winning Raspberry Liqueur.  We then allow the Raspberry Merlot wine to rest in oak to assure perfection. This assures a bold, charred oak that can definitely be recognized by the aroma and with every taste. Great with summer sausage or sipping around a fire!

Price (per bottle*): $13.46
* Price reduced 10% on 6-packs

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